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How to choose the perfect coffee mug


The size of the mug is important. It depends on how much coffee or beverage you drink everyday. The size also has an effect on the diffusion of aroma of coffee.  A giant coffee mug will not be a good fit for someone who drinks small cups of coffee. A small mug would be less than ideal for someone who drink a lot and very fast.


Porcelain is the go-to material. Another luxury option is Bone China, which is lighter and  the strongest of the porcelain. The material also effect the temperature stability, comfort and durability.


Some research suggest the color of the coffee mug can change how people perceive a coffee to taste. A study done in 2014 found that people tasted coffee differently when they drank it out of a white mug.


The shape of the coffee mug not only determine the look of the mug but also the touch. Look for a mug that fits your hands.

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