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Become a Distributor

Embark on an enjoyable journey with DUJUST

At DUJUST, we are willing to work with retailers, brands, and large contractors around the world.


Why choose DUJUST

DUJUST is committed to making elegant and high quality kitchenware to provide a better experience for our customers. If you share the same beliefs and tastes, come join us!



In order to work well together, here are a few requirements for you to consider.

  • You should have your own formal online or offline sales channel.
  • You should have a warehouse and delivery method.
  • DUJUST products can only be sold under the DUJUST name.
  • Your retail prices should be consistentwith our prices on Amazon. 


    DUJUST shoulders the responsibility for our products and guarantees to provide you with Delivery Damage Compensation and product quality assurance. The details are as follows.

    • Delivery Damage Compensation

    We provide compensation for delivery damage for shipments from DUJUST to your warehouse.

    However, if the damage occurs during your delivery to the customer, no compensation will be provided.

    • Product Quality Warranty

    We warrant the products to you against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for one year from the date of your original purchase from us. If the product proves to be defective during the warranty period, we will, at our option, take one of the following actions. 

    (i) replace the product with either a new or a refurbished product that is the same as or similar to the product you purchased; 

    (ii) replace the product using either new or refurbished parts; 

    (iii) refund to you the purchase price of the product.


    Contact us

    Products available for distributors in different countries may vary, and prices vary depending on the order quantity. If you are interested in becoming a DUJUST distributor, please contact us for details.